Recurring, One-Time, and Scheduled Maintenance

We offer a range of flexible home maintenance services.

Cleaning Services

Recurring Monthly Services

We make it easy to get the recurring maintenance services that matter most to you. Whether it be house cleaning, lawn care, snow removal, or handyperson services, you're covered!

Lighting Service

One-Time Services

With Bundl Home, you can check home projects off your list! Need your light bulbs replaced? Add it to your to-do list for your handyperson.

HVAC Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

We help you schedule important regular maintenance items for your home including seasonal maintenance items, smoke and CO2 alarm testing, HVAC filter changes, and more.

Recurring Monthly Services for Home

Some of Our Available Recurring Monthly Services

  • House cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Lawn mowing
  • Snow removal
  • Pest Control
  • Handyperson

Some of Our Available One-Time Services

  • Light bulb fixture replacement
  • Painting
  • Power washing
  • Deck staining
  • Assembly / installation
  • Drywall and trim repair
  • Garage door / opener repair

See FAQs for more   

Home Repairs
Smoke alarm testing

Some of Our Scheduled Maintenance Services

  • Smoke and CO2 alarm testing
  • HVAC filter changes
  • Adjust and lubricate doors
  • Water softener salt refill
  • Inspect and test GFCI outlets and plumbing fixtures
  • Drain water heater

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What is a digital home record?

The home record provides a digital inventory of the systems, finishes, and features of your home through a combination of pictures and data.

What is included in a handyperson visit?

Each 4-hour handyperson visit starts with a seasonal checklist of safety, maintenance, and preventative tasks that keep your home operating effectively and efficiently. With any remaining time, the handyperson will tackle your to-do list tasks.

What can a handyperson do during my to-do list time block?
  • Small and touch-up painting projects 
  • Replace a light fixture, switch, or outlet
  • Fix drywall holes
  • Hang pictures, TVs, or decorations
  • Remove/replace screens or seasonal furniture
  • Gutter, trim, and window repair
  • Lock replacement
  • And more! 

The handyperson cannot do any tasks that require a license or permit.

What is included in a snow removal visit?

Upon a snowfall greater than 2", we will remove snow from your driveway and primary walkways. Upgrades are available for snow removal when snowfall is greater than 1" and salt/sand application. Roof raking or other one-time services are available as add-on services.

Available add-on: 1" snow removal, salt/sand application.

What is a gutter cleaning?

We will remove debris, sticks, and leaves from gutters and downspouts, and check connection points and spouts.

What is included in a lawn mowing visit?

We will mow your grass to 3" with mulched clippings, blow grass clippings from walkways, and trim along your fence, driveway, curb, and walkways for a neat and professional looking lawn.

What is included in a fertilizing and weed control visit?

Our 5-step program is designed to get the most out of your lawn. This program includes an early-spring fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control, a mid-spring broadleaf weed control, an early-summer fertilizer with weed control, an early-fall fertilizer with weed control and a late-fall winterizing fertilizer. Add-on services are available for specialized services such as grub control, aeration and overseeding.

What is included in a fall yard clean-up?

This service is generally delivered in October and November to remove leaves, sticks, and dead organic material from your lawn, garden beds, and other landscaped areas. Debris will be removed and disposed of in accordance with local regulations. For lawns witth significant tree cover, additional clean-ups are available as an add-on service.

Available add-on: sprinkler de-activation.

What is included in a spring yard clean-up?

We will remove any debris, sticks, and leaves in your lawn and planting beds, trim dead foliage, shrubs and trees up to 6', dethatch the lawn, and do spot seeding.

Available add-ons: mulching, rock bed clean out, plantings, and sprinkler activation.

What is included in a pest control visit?

This service includes a spring treatment of the exterior perimeter of the home to prevent insects such as ants, millipedes and spiders from getting established. A second treatment is completed in the fall to prevent overwintering pests from getting established in the walls of the home as they look to escape winter weather. Add-on services are available for mosquito control, mole treatments/trapping or other one-time needs. Foundation inspection and sealing is conducted separately as a part of our handyperson maintenance checklist to improve energy efficiency and mitigate pests.

What is included in a window cleaning?

A window cleaning visit cleans all exterior panes of glass on the home. An upgrade is available for add-on services to clean screens as well. Interior window and track cleaning is available separately as a part of our housecleaning services.

What is included in a normal house cleaning visit?

We will sweep, mop, vacuum, clean all counters, mirrors, sinks, tubs and showers, dust all shelves, and empty garbages.

What is included in a deep house cleaning visit?

We will do a normal house cleaning plus clean base boards, deep clean shower/bath tile and doors, dust blinds and decorative objects, wash, dry, and fold 2 standard-sized loads of laundry, change linens on beds, clean and polish all door knobs and faucets, and wipe the inside of refrigerators and microwaves.

Available add-ons: carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and additional tasks.

What is a powerwashing?

Powerwashing removes built up dirt, grime, and mildew from the exterior of the home, walkways, and driveway. Roof cleaning is available as a separate add-on service as well.

Available add-on: roof cleaning.

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

Yes, all of our paid subscriptions require a 12 month commitment.

What is Bundl Home's current service territory?

Our current service territory includes the following zip codes in Minneapolis, Saint Louis Park, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Excelsior, and Chanhassen:

55305, 55317, 55331, 55343, 55344, 55345, 55346, 55347, 55391, 55410, 55416, 55419, 55424, 55426, 55431, 55435, 55436, 55437, 55438, 55439

What if Bundl Home is unable to deliver a service included in my subscription?

If Bundl Home can't deliver a service included in your subscription due to an unforeseen circumstance, you will receive a credit in your account in the amount of the cost of the service from a comparable service provider in the same city as your home.