We Simplify Home Maintenance Too!

The Old Way

need help maintaining home

Your Help Isn't... Help

You have to deal with a whole list of different service companies just to keep your house clean and functional. You'd rather spend your time doing things you enjoy.

find home maintenance services online

No Followthrough

A random subcontractor shows up to do the work and doesn't understand your needs or your home. When something goes wrong, you'll never hear from them again.

spending money on home maintenance

Unclear Add-Ons and Service Fees

What do you actually get? Oh, and the fees. Trip visits, travel fees, service fees, all of the fees -- they add up and they feel gross.

The Bundl Home Way

Bundl Home takes the hassle out of finding quality home cleaning and maintenance specialists. Our employees are trained and proficient. We offer a comprehensive range of services with transparent prices to simplify taking care of your home!

Choose From These Great Options!

Choose a one time visit starting at $199 or choose our annual service plan to unlock exclusive offers with Bundl Benefits.

Maintenance Cleaning


  • Clean refridgerator coils
  • Clean/sanitize garbage disposal
  • Clean kitchen drains
  • Clean/sanitize dishwasher


  • Clean bathroom drains
  • Clean bath fans


  • Clean washing machine
  • Clean dryer

All Rooms

  • Clean HVAC vent covers

Healthy Home Checkup


  • Inspect dishwasher connections and cord
  • Inspect garbage disposal connections and cord
  • Inspect kitchen range vent


  • Inspect bath fans
  • Inspect fixtures, toilets and faucets 


  • Inspect washing machine 
  • Inspect dryer connections and vent
  • Inspect air conditioner condenser
  • Inspect HVAC filters
  • Inspect water softener and heater

All Rooms

  • Inspect ceiling fans
  • Inspect drains 
  • Inspect HVAC vents
  • Inspect doors and windows
  • Inspect light bulbs
  • Inspect interior for water, pest, general damage
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Inspect outlets
  • Inspect and test door latches and locks
  • Inspect and test cabinets and drawers
  • Inspect and test smoke alarms
  • Inspect and test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect dryer vent
  • Inspect oven range and burners

Did you know about our Bundl Benefits?

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Our exclusive Bundl Benefits program enhances your experience with us as we take more hassle off your plate. With no effort, you'll enjoy a growing list of benefits, including free services, generous discounts, and exclusive offers.