What is a Digital Home Record?


A digital home record is a detailed record of important mechanical items in your home and on your property and the interior and exterior features of your home. Digital home records are useful to homeowners for many reasons. In this blog post, we’ll go into 3 of the most common reasons to have a digital home record for your home.   

1) Have your home’s data at your fingertips when you need to access it at a store.

Home Improvements

Let’s say you’re making some improvements to your home: painting a bedroom, adding trim in the living room, adding a light fixture to the den, and installing tile in the bathroom. When you’re at the home improvement store, you can instantly access the dimensions of your bedroom to calculate how much paint you need, the dimensions of your living room to figure out the length of trim you need, the dimensions of your den to find the optimal size of light fixture you need, and the dimensions of your bathroom to calculate the square footage of tile you need.

Parts for Repairs

Don’t be left at the store questioning which model of XYZ you have and ending up just purchasing one for each model and then having to go back to the store to return the ones that weren’t for your model. When you have your digital home record in the palm of your hand, you can easily find the model numbers for the mechanical items in and around your home and have details about other items in and around your home that are in need of repair.

Maintenance Items

Every home requires maintenance in order to remain in working order. Replacing light bulbs, replacing filters, adding salt to the water softener, and fertilizing the lawn are all regular home maintenance items that require a trip to the hardware store. With a digital home record, you’ll know how many of each type of light bulb you need, the type and size of filter you need, how much salt you need, and how much fertilizer you need when you’re at the store.

2) Provide your home service providers and home remodelers access to the data they need.

Provide Quotes for Services

If the cost of a home service is associated with measurements or models, then a home service provider will require these data points before they can provide you with a quote. Similarly, home remodelers need room dimensions and other home details in order to provide an accurate quote for a remodel. You can save time and hassle by providing home service providers and home remodelers with the data instead of scheduling a time for them to come to your home to record the data themselves.

Provide Quotes for Materials

Oftentimes, home service providers will need to purchase additional materials in order to perform a service at your home. Home service providers are able to provide a more accurate quote upfront for the cost of these materials if they know measurements or models before they come to your home. Home remodelers that are providing materials for the remodel in addition to the service also need to know measurements and models before they can provide an accurate quote for the materials they’ll need in order to complete the remodel. Again, you can save your home remodeler a trip to your home if you can provide them with the data they need upfront.  

3) Have a digital record to refer to for insurance claims.

Mechanical Items

If mechanical items in your home are covered under your insurance policy, then it is important to have an up-to-date record of the items in case something goes wrong with them and you need to file an insurance claim. Having makes, models, and pictures recorded digitally before something happens can help with providing proof to your insurance company.

Before and After Photos

Photos of your home that are taken and stored digitally before something goes wrong can be a great “before” reference when you need to provide visual proof of damage to your insurance company. 

Outdoor Items

Outdoor items like pools, hot tubs, sport courts, sheds, and barns are sometimes added after a home is purchased and it is important to also have a record of these types of items in case an insurance claim needs to be made regarding one of them.

As you can see, a digital home record can come in handy for a variety of reasons. We’ve made it super simple to create your own digital home record in the Bundl Home app for free! Go here to download the Bundl Home app and get started creating your home record. If you live in our current service area and are interested in receiving a quote for a Bundl Home subscription, then we’ll come to your home and create your digital home record in the Bundl Home app for you for free. Learn more about the Bundl Home subscriptions here

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