Spring Yard Clean Up in Minneapolis - 10 Tips


Homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota truly experience all four seasons! This means there are four times of the year that you should be doing larger regular home maintenance tasks. Many of the yards in Minneapolis have a lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs that require spring maintenance. Here are 10 tips for your next spring yard clean up for your home in Minneapolis.


Remove litter, dog waste, and pinecones from your yard. Don’t compost the dog feces you find because Carnivore feces contain pathogens. Pinecones won’t easily break down in the compost bin if they are whole, you’ll need to shred them. 


Do a deep raking of your yard to help control thatch build-up. Yes, this one is very time consuming if you have a particularly large yard. However, it is well worth the time investment so that you can help avoid dead grass patches in the future and have a greener lawn.


Remove dead leaves and stalks from your perennials and ornamental grasses with scissors. You can get into tighter spaces with scissors than with pruners.


Open up new planting beds. Make sure you use a tiller to break open new ground.


Remove old annuals. They aren’t coming back, so get rid of them!


If any of your planting beds are overcrowded, you’ll want to thin them out. Place the extra plants in the bare spots.


Remove existing mulch in order to prepare for a new layer once you have finished your spring planting.


Prepare damaged and bare lawn areas for seeding. Mow the damaged spots and their surrounding areas to a normal level and then remove the damaged grass to show the clean soil. You might need to level the damaged areas by adding or removing soil. Make sure the final surface is loose and smooth so that the new seedlings have a better surface for taking hold. Don’t add herbicides or weed-and-feed products to the damaged areas. 


Remove debris and weeds from the areas beneath trees and shrubs.


Examine trees for damaged or broken limbs. If the damage is medium to severe, get rid of the limbs in order to avoid problems in the future - it’s always best to be proactive!

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