8 Things a Homebuyer Should Do Before Moving In


The weeks leading up to a move-in can be very stressful, between finalizing documents, arranging for movers, and inspections. Here are some items to keep in mind before you move in to make life easier:

1) Change of address/utilities set-up

Use the USPS online change of address form to ensure mail is forwarded to your new address. This service only lasts a few months however, so you should also go through your important accounts and change the addresses. Call your utility company or visit online to make sure your utilities are set up.

2) Take some days off

Moving in can be a chaotic and tiring experience. If you are able to, take a few days off work to help yourself better adjust to your new surroundings. 

3) Figure out where things are going

You can save yourself some time if you make a plan for where things will be set up. Think about heavy items like furniture and appliances, and try to visualize how things will be arranged in your new home. 

4) Find out where your Breaker Box/Shut-Off Valves are

It’s a good idea to walk through your new home and find out where these items are before you need to use them. If you notice any leaking, flooding, or other minor disaster, knowing where these are ahead of time will save you a headache. 

5) Plan on rekeying your locks

Although you may think you have a fresh set of keys, your lock may not be as new as you think. Previous homeowners may have never changed the locks and given out keys, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

6) On that note, plan for emergencies

Check out your neighborhood websites and other local sources for referrals for handypeople, plumbers, and electricians. Look up the number for emergency services (if it’s not 911). Know all of your emergency exits, and make a fire plan. 

7) Take a look at your moving company

If you have fragile or special items, your moving service provider may not be equipped to handle it. Check out your moving company’s website for items they commonly move, and it doesn’t hurt to visit their BBB page and look for reviews. 

8) Schedule a deep clean

A new home may not be as clean as you think- surface level cleaning is often performed at houses prepped for sale. Scheduling a deep cleaning before large items are in place can help you start with a clean slate as you take this big step. 

This list can change depending on the nature of your home, but these are good first steps to take for any new home. The good news is that Bundl Home can assist with nearly every part of the move in process- take a look at our services here