What safety equipment do I need for home maintenance?


Safety equipment is a crucial item needed for home maintenance projects. This post will walk through the various PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required to do common household jobs. 

Lawn Care

Whether you’re mowing, fertilizing, or cleaning up your lawn, PPE is important for keeping you safe outside. Common PPE for lawn care include:

  • Safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris and dust hazards expelled by mowers and trimmers. Select glasses that are impact resistant and have UV protection for the sun. Safety glasses with side shield protection also helps protect your eyes from debris that might fly in from the sides. 
  • Ear protection is good to use when operating machinery to prevent long term hearing damage. If your equipment exceeds 85 decibels, ear protection must be used regardless of how long you are operating it. 
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants are a go-to for protection from debris, chemicals, and the sun. 
  • Work gloves are important for protection from debris, blisters and lacerations. 
  • Closed toed shoes are a must when operating any machinery with spinning blades- boots are especially good for preventing pesticide poisoning. Steel toed shoes provide even more protection for your feet.

Home Cleaning

Home cleaning often uses corrosive and harmful chemicals that you don’t want to get on you- here are some ways to protect yourself:

  • Wear safety glasses with side shields.
  • Wear splash goggles and respirators when spraying hazardous chemicals.
  • If you need to wear a respirator, make sure it is custom-fitted to ensure a tight fit.
  • Gloves are also standard protection- rubber, nitrile and latex are all great at keeping chemicals away from your skin. 

DIY Projects/Handyperson

Here is some safety gear that every DIYer should own:

  • Protective eyewear.
  • Hearing protection when working with loud equipment. 
  • Masks/respirators for dusty or toxic areas. 
  • Hard hat whenever you’re working with objects that can fall from above. 
  • Fire extinguisher for quickly snuffing out flames. 
  • Sturdy boots or shoes that don’t slip easily. 

Safety equipment can quickly become overwhelming when working multiple jobs around the house. All of Bundl Home’s staff are provided with the proper equipment to keep them and homeowners safe while providing services- learn more about our subscriptions here.