How to Repair Drywall Cracks


Despite their sturdiness, drywall often fractures along joints between adjoining pieces, causing an unsightly blemish. Temperature changes can cause the wall to expand and contract, which is especially common in vacation homes. Faulty installation can also be a cause, as well as the settling of the home itself. Before repairing, take some time to investigate the cause of the damage to keep it from coming back.

Thankfully, cracks less than ¼ of an inch in width are often easy to repair for any homeowner.

Here’s what you’ll need to fix these:

  • Drywall mud pan
  • 6 inch putty knife
  • 12 inch taping knife (optional)
  • Utility knife
  • Painter’s tape/Masking tape
  • Pre-mix joint compound
  • Dust mask

How to repair drywall cracks in three simple steps:

1) Prepare the area: Protect any nearby woodwork or trim with painter’s tape. Use the utility knife to create a v-shaped notch spanning the length of the crack. Be careful not to make this more than ¼ inch deep. Clear out any debris from the crack using a vacuum cleaner.

2) Apply drywall tape: Spread a layer of joint compound along the length of the crack using the 6 inch putty knife. Moisten the drywall tape with water, embed a strip of the tape on top of it, and spread another thin layer of compound on top of the tape. Completely let this dry.

3) Apply a second layer of compound if needed. Smooth the compound to a thin, smooth layer by using broad strokes, optionally with the 12 inch taping blade. For cracks more than ¼ inch deep, use a quick setting filler to make the area level.

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