How to Childproof Your Home


Child-proofing your home can be a time consuming and daunting task for larger homes with multiple rooms. It’s important to give yourself enough time to go through your home, although it typically becomes an ongoing process. Here are some tips to make it easier:  

Where to start?

We recommend starting with the bedroom, as a newborn’s sleeping arrangement is often the first thing to consider. Cribs should be lowered once a baby can sit up and should be away from windows or any devices with cords. Windows should have guards installed and blinds should be cordless. Any light furniture should be anchored (including dressers), along with covers on all outlets and wall ports.

Go Room by Room

This can be done in phases as the child grows, as you may not need a baby gate until they start crawling. To get started, get down on all fours in each room to see what a child sees when traversing your home. Observe what they can reach, interact with, and what may pose a danger. Look for sharp edges, movable furniture, and small pieces that could be picked up. Create a room by room list of safety hazards and items to be bought. Here are some general tips for safety:

  • Secure TVs and furniture to walls
  • Install and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly
  • Cover your stove controls with guards, and only use the back burners 
  • Put household chemicals and medicine out of reach or lock them up
  • 120 degrees should be the maximum water temperature to prevent scalding
  • Install outlet covers that only adult hands can slide, not plug in ones
  • Lock firearms securely
  • Use baby gates at least 4 feet high and place them at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Matches, lighters, and plastic bags should be out of reach

Peek Outside

In-ground pools should be enclosed with a fence and tripping hazards should be mitigated around the yard. Garages should have secured furniture, with tools and chemicals well out of reach. Designating someone to watch the kids during outdoor family gatherings can be a big help.