Bundl Home App

Create your digital home record, manage your home maintenance services through Bundl Home, create a to-do list for your Bundl Home handyperson, and more. The Bundl Home app is free to use! Users who do not have a Bundl Home subscription are automatically given a DIY account.

Digital Home Record

Add details about parts of your home so you always have your home's information at your fingertips. 

Manage Services

Bundl Home subscribers can view upcoming and past services, schedule services, and cancel / reschedule services in the app. DIY users can contact Bundl Home through the app when they want to purchase services.

To-Do List

Bundl Home subscribers can create a prioritized to-do list for their handyperson.

Digital Home Record

Digital Home Record

Add detailed information for various parts of your home.

  • Whole home
  • Rooms
  • Mechanical
  • Lawn
  • Pedestrian
  • Building
  • Outdoor living

Manage Home Maintenance Services

  • View upcoming services
  • Schedule services - Bundl Home subscribers only
  • Cancel / reschedule services
  • View past services
  • Add services - DIY users only
Manage Home Maintenance Services
To-Do List

Create a To-Do List for Your Handyperson

As you come across items in your home that you would like your handyperson to do, add and prioritize them in the app. The to-do list is only available to Bundl Home subscribers.