19 Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Items You Should Be Checking Every Year


Below is a list of 19 outdoor parts of a home that homeowners should check every spring.

1) Roof

To-Do: Check for missing, buckling, curling, blistering, or worn shingles. Check for leaks. Check for masses of moss, which can be a sign of the roof decaying underneath. Check for nails that are popping out that should be hammered in. A typical lifespan of a roof is ~15 years.

2) Attic

To-Do: Check for leaks, mold, and critters. Check on the insulation. 

3) Gutters

To-Do: Check to make sure the gutters are clear of leaves and debris. Check for cracks and missing pieces. Check for colored grit from shingles, which can be a sign that your shingles need to be replaced.

4) Siding and Bricks

To-Do: Check for cracks in bricks and siding. Check for missing pieces of siding. Check for bulging pieces of siding. Check for mold and mildew on siding, which should be power washed off.

5) Windows

To-Do: Check to make sure each window opens and closes properly. Check the seal around each window. Check for cracks in the windows. Check the screens for tears.  

6) Doors

To-Do: Check to make sure locks are working properly. Check the condition of the weatherstripping. Check the alignment of the door with the frame to see if it has shifted and needs to be adjusted. 

7) Foundation

To-Do: Check for cracks. Make sure there are no puddles forming around your foundation.

8) Outdoor Lighting

To-Do: Check to make sure all outdoor lights are working and replace bulbs as needed.

9) Driveways and Sidewalks

To-Do: Check for cracks. Check for shifted bricks. Check the wear on your driveway if you have a blacktop driveway.

10) Retaining Walls

To-Do: Check for cracks, leaning, and bulging. Check for missing bricks. Check for weeds.

11) Outdoor Dryer Vent

To-Do: Check to make sure the dryer vent’s slats are opening while the dryer is running. If they aren’t opening, turn off the dryer and manually open them. The outdoor dryer vent should be cleaned every 3 months.

12) Outlets

To-Do: Check to make sure none of your outdoor outlets have tripped and been turned off.

13) Outdoor Water Spigot

To-Do: Turn the indoor valve back on. Check for leaks around the pipe, the basement ceiling, and the interior walls of the basement. Turn on the water outside. Check for leaks under the hose bibb. Turn the water off outside. Check for water leaks. If there are leaks after you turn the water off, then you might need to replace the washer inside the hose bibb or replace the entire hose bibb.

14) Yard

To-Do: Clean up leaves and other debris. Check for bare patches of grass. Check for mushy patches due to a full septic tank. Check sprinklers.

15) Deck

To-Do: Check for loose boards, missing screws, and screws that are popping out. Check for mildew. Pressure washing might be necessary.

16) Fence

To-Do: Check for loose boards and missing screws. Check the finish. Check for holes under the fence.

17) Trees

To-Do: Check for loose tree limbs that should be removed.

18) Garage

To-Do: Check for cracks.

19) Fire Pit

To-Do: Check the bricks around the fire pit. Check the rocks in the fire pit. Check to make sure the fire pit ignites.